Named after the famous Co Fermanagh phrase, Between the Bridges set up in the centre of town in April of this year

A new cafe and deli shop set up in Enniskillen during lockdown is the brainchild of local chefs Declan O’Donoghue and Paul Curry, with orders flying out during its first six months in business.

Named after the famous Co Fermanagh phrase, Between the Bridges set up in the centre of town in April of this year.

While many might think it a strange time to open a hospitality business during a time of tight restrictions on the industry, Declan said the opportunity was so big that the two local Enniskillen lads had to go for it.

Declan and Paul had worked together in Corick House Hotel in Co Tyrone before reuniting in their latest business venture.

“We worked together and became very close friends, and have been friends ever since, and now we’re business partners,” Declan told MyFermanagh.

“We had this idea of doing something different, whether it be a restaurant or a cafe or a deli.

“We thought about it a lot, and then Covid came along. The pandemic changed the hospitality industry for a long time, if not forever.

“So we thought why not do it right now, so we put our heads together and got a business plan. We opened six months ago and we’ve been flying since day one thank God.

“We opened up in the middle of a lockdown and we saw an opportunity there.”

Since April, Declan said they have had a great reception from customers in the town, even throughout a difficult period for many,

He added: “We’ve been busy from day one. For every new business, you’re the new toy, everyone wants to play with you.

“It’s just about sustaining that longevity, and I think our business model with good quality, convenient food that’s not too overly expensive, I think we’ve hit a nail on the head.

The local chef, who has been working in hospitality for over 10 years, said the opportunity was there in Enniskillen for an authentic deli which provided fresh local produce.

Declan also revealed they are looking to open up their second location in a matter of months within Co Fermanagh.

“We’ll be opening our second location in January next year within Fermanagh.

“To be honest there’s not actually single proper deli in the county until we came along.



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